This video,, can also be seen at Totally Do-Able D.I.Y. Projects For Your Pets. It’s definitely woof it to take a look at these easy projects and find the purrfect fit for your animal family.If you’re not into the whole leather thing, but love the look, a lot of times it’s easy to swap out for faux. for your next camping trip 😉 (via I Spy DIY) Do you DIY with leather? Are there any.Looking for a fun project that will enhance your pet's life? This list of 10 DIY projects for pet owners has something for everyone: simple, creative or more.However, taking your dog’s paw prints, yourself, can be a fun DIY project and bonding experience. make sure the paints are child safe. Anything that is easy to clean will also be helpful down the.Take a page out of Rachelle Blondel’s new book, DIY For Your Dog, and turn an old drawer, suitcase, wine crate, or picnic basket into a cozy repurposed bed. By day, this might look an ordinary nightstand, but by night, pop open the latch and let your pooch climb right in.In Ted’s Woodworking you will get everything you need: -All the woodworking tools you will need If you are a beginner or have done some woodworking you will find these plans easy-to-follow. comes.DIY Crafts for dog lovers 1. Dog Bookends. 2. Dog Embroidery Pattern & Mini Pillow Tutorial. 3. pipe cleaner Dog. 4. Calico Cat and Dotty Dalmatian Cookies. 5. Pets on parade. 6. sock dog. 7. DIY Pet Painting. 8. debonair dog coasters. 9. puppy Mug Hug. 10. diy canine wine Toppers. 11..By Homebnc on 2016-10-12 DIY Projects.. Your Pooch will Sleep Like a Prince with these 26 DIY Pet Bed Ideas.. 24. Easy to Build Raised Dog Bed with Step. DIY Project Details: 25. No-sew Fleece DIY Pet Bed Design.This gable roof dog house is for a medium size dog 40-75 pounds. This house is designed to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and draft free. Also features a sun deck, and a side door to make cleaning easy. Included in this PDF is lots of information on dogs. Source: CharliesFriends | Fix Link